Committees and Councils

Audit & Finance Committee

Assists the board in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to the integrity of the association’s financial audits, reporting, and processes. Members of the committee: Chair: John Williams (Westrans Company),  Michael Cuthbert (NTN Bearing Corporation Of Canada Ltd.),  Chris McCleave (Buy-Rite Truck Parts Inc.), Gerard Zentner (Capital Gear Ltd.)

Government Relations Committee

Identifies and prioritizes government relations issues, influences government on industry issues, monitors proposed government legislation/regulations, establishes an industry position on policy issues, and lobbies the government on the industry’s behalf.  Members of the committee:  Ian Johnston (Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists Ltd.), Kevin Hopton (CBS Parts Ltd.),  Robert Goodwin (Parts For Trucks Inc.), Pierre Rachiele (UAP Inc.), Claude-Andre Pouliot (Macpek Inc.), Siegfried Tigges (Hella Inc.)

Membership Committee

Assists in recruiting and renewing members and offers support and resources for membership marketing. Members of the committee: Mike Croft (Jr) (A & M Truck Parts Ltd.), Jim Hilliker (Your Truck Shop Inc.), JR Demellweek (Fort Garry LTD), Marc Levesque (Continental ContiTech), Jack Shantz (Haldex Limited, Commercial Vehicle Systems), Shaffina Mohamed (Jetco Heavy Duty Lighting), Martin Collet (NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd.),  Sara Chenier (HDAC)

By-Laws Committee

Responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Association’s bylaws, which is the set of rules that guide its operations and activities. Members of the committee:  Chair: Ian Johnston (Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists Ltd.), Honorio (Mario) Oliveira Jr (Ult Powertrain Reman And Services Inc.), John Williams (Westrans Company)

Events Committee

Provides leadership for the event planning process; orchestrating the overall production, providing guidance as needed, and making the final decisions. Members of the committee:  Ian Johnston (Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists Ltd.), Kevin Broadwood (Pinwood Truck Parts Inc.), Bob Loye (Malmberg Truck Trailer Equipment Ltd.), Gerard Zentner (Capital Gear Ltd.), Guy Lachance (Firestone Industrial Products Company), Kevin Hopton (CBS Parts Ltd.), Mike Marchese (Grote Industries), Patty Kettles (HDAC)


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