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Heavy Duty Aftermarket Canada (HDAC) is the national trade association that represents the Canadian heavy duty industry.

The purpose of the HDAC Scholarship is to encourage and assist the educational development of qualified students who have a desire to pursue a career in the heavy duty aftermarket industry. The scholarship provides financial assistance for tuition, fees and books beyond the secondary level at any accredited college, university or technical school. Awards of $1000 each will be awarded to qualified students across Canada.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a post-secondary educational program or apprenticeship relating to the field in the Heavy Duty Sector.
  • Applicants must be enrolled full-time for the year of the scholarship.
  • Applicants must maintain a minimum” B” letter-grade average (or equivalent), with no individual course grades below” C-” letter-grade (or equivalent).
  • Applicants must demonstrate a long-term goal of a career in the Heavy Duty sector.

Download and complete the Scholarship Application.

Application Deadline: May 1st of every year

For detailed information on the scholarship, contact us.

Completed applications can be faxed to (613) 728-6021 or mailed to:
Heavy Duty Aftermarket Canada, 180 Elgin Street, Suite 1400, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7 or email us.

HDAC is offering industry leaders a unique sponsorship opportunity through its scholarship program.

Investing in youth is critical to ensuring a vibrant, dynamic future for the heavy duty aftermarket industry. Without our support, some of our best talent may be lost as students may not be able to further their education. Your scholarship sponsorship will have an effect that will last a lifetime and ensures students with an interest in our industry will be recognized and rewarded for their hard work.

Download the Scholarship Sponsorship Opportunity brochure.


HDAC is proud to announce the 2017 HDAC Scholarship Recipients!

  • Tyson S. Kelley (NB), NBCC Moncton
  • Adrien Ulliac (AB), NAIT
  • Nicholas Anthony Burian (BC), BCIT
  • Dylan M. Bourget (SK), Parkland College
  • Justin S. Sharma (BC), Vancouver Island University
  • David Beeching (QC), E.M.E.M.M.
  • Sabbar Khalid (QC), E.M.E.M.M.
  • David Beauchemin (QC), E.M.E.M.M.
  • Abid Mostafa (QC), E.M.E.M.M.

HDAC would like to thank Capital Gear, UAP Inc., and ULT for their generous support of the 2017 HDAC Scholarship!


HDAC is proud to announce the 2016 HDAC Scholarship Recipients!

  • Luke Traverse (NL), College of the North Atlantic
  • Alexandre J. Gallant (PEI), NBCC
  • Jayson Voegtle (ON), Fanshaw College (Courtesy of UAP Inc.)
  • Sean Riggin (AB), Olds College (Courtesy of Capital Gear)
  • Gary Smith (BC), College of New Caledonia
  • Rofiqul Islam (ON), Centennial College
  • Sevin Vincent (NL), College of the North Atlantic
  • Jeremy Roy-Chevarie (NB), NBCC

HDAC would like to thank Capital Gear and UAP Inc. for their generous support of the 2016 HDAC Scholarship!


HDAC is proud to announce the 2015 HDAC Scholarship Recipients!

  • Bradley Gillespie (ON),  Fanshawe College
  • Justin Wysocki (ON), Centennial College
  • Jun La AB , NAIT (Courtesy of Capital Gear)
  • Raul Ledesma, (ON), Centennial College (Courtesy of Federal Mogul)
  • Katelyn MacKenzie (NS), NBCC Moncton
  • Lawrence Taiwo (ON), Centennial College
  • Kingsley Enwemiwe (SK), Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Shawn Bickford (NB), NBCC Moncton

HDAC would like to thank Capital Gear and Federal Mogul for their generous support of the 2015 HDAC Scholarship!


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